24 Hour Flood Service

Advanced Carpet Cleaning will be on site with in the hour to evaluate the damage and be prepared to start the mediation process. Time is the most important part of the restoration process.

Our powerful truck mounted water extraction units will pull 95% of the water out and the rest is removed using high powered air movers and de-humidifiers. The average dry out time is 3 days. It may feel dry on the second day but the equipment continues to dry areas that are not visible, such as base boards and studs that are inside the walls.

Emergency Check List

  • Eliminate the source of the water as quickly as possible!
  • ( Only if safe! ) Turn off circuit breakers supplying electricity to wet areas and remove any small electrical devices from wet areas.
  • Do not walk on wet carpet any more than you really have too.
  • Remove as much of your furnishings as possible to dry areas and those you can't remove place foil or plastic under legs that may bleed off to carpet such as wood or un painted metal.
  • Pin up draperies and sofa skirts to prevent water marks.
  • Remove moisture-sensitive and valuable items from wet areas. (Remember to check under beds and other furniture.)
  • Please do not try to extract water yourself with vaccum or shop vac. ( Do not take the chance of getting shocked )
  • If sewage related, do not turn on fans or handle anything wet. ( Let the pro's handle it for you )
Granbury Flood Service
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